Our mission

Our mission

Within the IDEFI (Excellence Initiatives for Innovative Education) framework – a call for projects by the Ministry of Education and Research – École des Ponts ParisTech, ENSAVT, UPEMLV, ESIEE Paris and EIVP joined forces to establish the French d.school, equal to international standards and sharing an outlook with Europe’s Living Labs. Its goal is to act as a role model for future educational approaches, with the aim of inspiring a new generation of training programs in breakthrough innovation, through new methods drawing on design thinking, like those established at Stanford University (USA).

Our impact

  • 470
    students trained
  • 56
    teachers trained
  • 14
    industrial partners involved
  • 9
    partner universities


The d.school Paris is developing a set of resources and methodologies in breakthrough innovation constructed around humanistic values and adapted to modern economic and industrial conditions. A way of thinking and designing differently, the right kind of attitude for inventing the world of tomorrow, of equal relevance to social actors and economic actors, start-ups and major industrial corporations, entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship.

Breakthrough innovation, as we understand it, is based on interdisciplinarity, from engineering to design, from the humanities to business. In essence, it seeks to break with the tradition of a linear approach to design, by fostering inspiration, ideation and implementation as fundamentals of the project.

The discipline of design thinking enables us to construct this approach through the people, the place and the processes that make it possible. Paris-Est d.school’s pedagogic philosophy is therefore based on a pragmatic and constructivist epistemology, which encourages the acquisition of social skills and know-how through courses based on the implementation of projects in multidisciplinary teams in real-world conditions. These projects, developed in lively workshop spaces, put the primary emphasis on practice, similar to a sports discipline in which theoretical principles are embodied and evidenced in the mastery of action and in team synergy.


MireilleBrangeMireille Brangé, Head of Programs at ANR (National Research Agency)

I could see that these projects had momentum, a very powerful dynamic. In the ecosystem of research and education, the d.school represents a break with existing innovation programs, especially with its very strong international collaborations. There is no doubt that the Design Thinking method needs to spread, grow, to combine with other initiatives.”