Introduce your teams to the power of design thinking

Do you want to introduce a breath of innovation into your corporate culture? Inspire your colleagues? Develop an in-house project using design thinking methods? Are you working on a project and want to see the emergence of opportunities to design products, services, and experiences that really makes sense to your customers? As experts in design thinking, Paris has naturally been offering programs to companies since 2013. We use all the power of the method to help structures to create and implement effective solutions.


Design Thinking Workshop

Are you able to address the complicated problems in a creative way? Do you want your organization to adapt, evolve and stay ahead of competition? Paris’s Design Thinking workshop is aimed to improve the creative capabilities of the team members through inspiration, ideation and implementation. We will guide you to generate and execute ideas even when the path is unclear through collaboration, user empathy and holistic thinking.

Whether for one day or more, our team helps you to understand the universe and culture of design thinking, through interactive and customized workshops. We teach the methodology and all the phases of an innovation process, from the initial brief to the implementation of a product, from the tools of ethnographic research to the methods of ideation and prototyping. You will have the opportunity to apply the different stages and techniques via exercises in creativity, so that you can then apply it in your company’s innovation projects. A workshop is a way to immerse yourselves in the culture of design thinking, both intellectually (understanding and knowledge acquisition), psychologically (mindset, values, feeling and living the culture, capacity for emotional self-analysis), and manually (testing design thinking activities in a secure environment).

Usability & User Testing

We use all the power of the method to help structures to create and implement effective solutions.Do you want to understand how your users behave? In this workshop, learn how to conduct quick usability tests throughout the project lifecycle through user testing techniques. Learn the principles of facilitating sessions, developing test plans, capturing data, data analysis and reporting.

Wireframing & Prototyping

Creating effective prototypes is one of the key steps of any product cycle. Paris will help your team to get a hands approach to paper prototyping, digital wireframing and clickable prototypes which improves the design and shorten the development phase. This workshop will help communicate the ideas and features through prototypes and wireframes and get the feedback from the users.

Do you have a specific project you need to explore? We help you to tackle it through a codesign process that involves at least one project manager from the company side. The partner’s learning experience is all the more effective in that the process includes real exposure to the innovation context. This proposal includes methodological support at all phases through to implementation (7 activities in inspiration, ideation, and implementation), ensuring effective use of design thinking culture geared to the specific nature of the project.


  • Group workshops, combining different skills
  • Transmission of tools for real innovation
  • Imagining tomorrow’s products and services for your company
  • Sharing human-centered innovation methods
  • Individual self-reflection


  • Experience in design thinking that is unrivalled in France
  • Continuous industrial partnerships since 2009
  • Implemented real-world solutions
  • A studio, a genuine innovation space to work in
  • Support in the field and over time
  • “Learning by doing”: exercises in real-world implementation
  • Support customized to your needs


We welcome you to the Paris studio, located in the brand-new Coriolis Building at École des Ponts ParisTech, at the heart of Cité Descartes. The studio has been designed as a place of inspiration and creativity, staged in such a way as to encourage an exploratory and collaborative mindset.

The importance of design spaces

This area has been devised to resemble a ship embarking on a voyage of exploration to an unknown land: it symbolizes the place where we innovate. In fact, for visitors, these spaces represent the most visible aspect of our universe. It is the tip of an iceberg. As for the great 15th century explorers, this ship is a way to navigate towards unknown lands, to explore, to discover, and to bring back discoveries. More than a workspace, it is a living space. The studio supports our young explorers on their journey in quest of innovation in all its phases. It is a place of inspiration as much as a place of creativity. It is the visual embodiment of our universe.

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