D.Event 2016

23 June 2016 D.Event 2016

Innovate with empathy

How to disseminate design thinking in companies ?



How do you spread a culture based on empathy in organizations that are often governed by quantitative and analytical criteria? Whether in universities or businesses, this paradigm shift requires a cultural transformation that demands a set of specific actions, ranging from a manifesto of values to their embodiment in specific activities and measures. How do you generate momentum? How do you maintain it? How do you transform the culture of a business to increase its capacity for innovation?

These new questions emerged this year following the understanding of what design thinking is and why language of this kind has become more popular and widespread. Design Thinking offers a universe of very precise criteria for disseminating a culture of exploration in a big organization dominated by a culture of exploitation. Being able to create, disseminate, and protect these criteria is key to creating a community of innovators that combines empathy and doing.

Changing a culture requires implementing a system and a set of actions to train and support all stakeholders in these new criteria: everyone needs to be able to understand them, and some need to learn to incorporate them into their practices.


The Club de Paris des Directeurs de l’Innovation (Paris innovation directors club) brings together the innovation directors of some 60 European and international firms, most of them global leaders, as well as public organizations and research centers. The objective is to keep them at the cutting edge of international innovation, through different formats of research and analysis, interchange, and experience and discovery sharing. Formed in 2008, it is now Europe’s foremost Innovation Directors club.


The Paris d.school was born and has continued to grow within École des Ponts ParisTech. Every year, we admit students, teachers, and staff of ENPC to train them in design thinking. The conference takes place in the School’s brand-new Coriolis Building, a “high environmental quality” structure which opened in 2013.

Where ?

d.school Paris at École des Ponts ParisTech
Cité Descartes – Bâtiment Coriolis
6/8 avenue Blaise Pascal – 77420 Champs sur marne
01 64 15 38 55

How much ?

For academics : Free
For Companies : 250 €
For Consultants : 500 €


An invoice is available on request: contact@d.school.fr
NB: the number of places is limited.



  • 08:30
    Hall Coriolis

    Welcome & Coffee

    Enjoy the day to discover our innovation projects with our students.

  • 09:00
    Amphi Caquot


    Véronique Hillen, Founder and Dean, d.school Paris at École des Ponts

    Marc Giget, Founder, Institut Européen de Stratégies Créatives

  • 09:30
    Amphi Caquot

    Presentation of ME310 projects: How to create innovation momentum in a large comany?

    Isabelle Garric, Beverage Manager, Nestlé

    Jean-Philippe Arnoux, Director, Vita Confort et Accessibilité/Seniors Lapeyre

    Patrice Reilhac, Innovation Director, Valeo

    Maëlle Pian, Project Manager, Mustela

    Estelle Balut-Creac’h, Marketing Director, Laboratoires Expanscience

  • 11:00
    Amphi Caquot

    How to persuade and lead teams as a CEO?

    Carl Bass, CEO, Autodesk (San Francisco)

    Michel Giannuzzi, President and CEO, Tarkett (Paris)

    Pierre Valade, Founder, Sunrise (New York)

  • 12:45
    Hall Coriolis


    Innovative food-trucks available on site. Get to meet the students, industrial partners and d.school team.

  • 14:30
    Amphi Caquot

    Comment disséminier l’empathie ?

    Youenn Collin, Executive Creative Director, IDEO Palo Alto (California)

    Sean Corcorran, General Manager, Steelcase (Michigan, USA)

    Larry Leifer, Instructor, Center for Design Research, Stanford University

    Randy Swearer, VP, Autodesk Education

    Matteo Vignoli, Professor, University of Modena & Reggio Emilia

    Rod C. Taylor, Founder and CEO, Performance Learning Concepts

  • 17:00
    Hall Coriolis

    Conclusion & Cocktail

  • Véronique Hillen Dean and Founder, d.school Paris at École des Ponts

    Véronique Hillen Dean and Founder, d.school Paris at École des Ponts

    A graduate of ESCP Europe, with a Masters degree from École Centrale de Paris, Véronique Hillen has always worked in international multidisciplinary teams on projects with a high technological component (EADS, Bank of America, Daimler Benz, Euroconsult, a space sector think tank with 500 clients in 48 countries, as CEO for 5 years).

    As an expert in innovation and strategy for 15 years, she has developing her scientific and educational skills in design thinking since 2006 (a stay of 7 months full-time and six months part-time Stanford CDR, where she remains a “visiting scholar”). She was a pioneer in France in the creation of eco-innovation courses based on design thinking, with the design of a program for top executives at Thales (discovery trip and establishment of 6 project teams followed over 6 months).

    She is the former Academic Director of the “Industrial Engineering” department at École des Ponts ParisTech.

    She is the creator and head of the d.school project within the framework of France’s IDEFI (excellence initiatives in innovative education) program, a call for projects issued by the Ministry of Education and Research under the national big loan scheme, obtaining the d.school label in 2012 together with a budget of €4.1 million to set up the school.

  • Marc Giget Founder, European Institute of Creative Strategies

    Marc Giget Founder, European Institute of Creative Strategies

    Marc Giget is a graduate of the École des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), with a doctorate in International Economics/Development Economics (EHESS – Panthéon/Sorbonne).

    In 1983, he set up Euroconsult, an independent research and assessment group working on large innovation projects, which has since provided services to more than 600 clients in 60 countries.

    In 2008, Marc Giget set up the Paris Innovation Directors Club, whose members include some 40 big European firms, and which conducts research on innovation throughout the world, on modern forms of innovation management, and shares feedback on best innovation practices.

  • Isabelle Garric Beverage Manager, Nestlé

    Isabelle Garric Beverage Manager, Nestlé

    A graduate of ESSEC (class of 1989), with 26 years of experience in agri-food marketing and business development at Nestlé, Isabelle Garric is passionate about design in all its forms, and about knowledge sharing. She therefore found developing a project with the d.school to be a tremendous adventure, an opportunity to combine effective techniques of innovation with the pleasure of working with talented students.

  • Jean-Philippe Arnoux Executive Director Vita Confort and accessibility/Seniors, Lapeyre Group

    Jean-Philippe Arnoux Executive Director Vita Confort and accessibility/Seniors, Lapeyre Group

    Jean-Philippe Arnoux, with a degree in Corporate Law (Montpellier) then in Human Resources (EUROMED Marseille), joined the marketing arm of the Saint-Gobain Group in 2005, after 10 years of experience in sales operations. First at the Point P Group, then in the Lapeyre Group, an industrial firm and distributor of housing solutions, he is skilled in simple and pragmatic marketing based on user benefits and consumer experience, expressed since 2010 through the ISA (independence of seniors and accessibility) program, which seeks to accelerate the development of services and innovations, and to develop a new vision of the societal and democratic challenges of tomorrow’s habitat.

  • Patrice Reilhac Innovation & Collaborative Research Director, Comfort & Driving Assistance Business Group, Valeo

    Patrice Reilhac Innovation & Collaborative Research Director, Comfort & Driving Assistance Business Group, Valeo

    Patrice Reilhac is Innovation & Collaborative Research Director for the Comfort & Driving Assistance Business Group at Valeo, a leading worldwide Tier 1 supplier of components and systems for the automotive industry.

    He currently leads a global team based in Germany, France & the Silicon Valley. He is in charge of the identification, evaluation and early stage development of disruptive innovations in the area of “Intuitive Driving” that covers the perimeter of vehicle automation, connectivity and extended Human Machine Interface.

    An intuitive and synthetic thinker, Patrice knows how to make the right connections to reveal the big picture. Thinking ahead to identify the implications of current trends, he has a nose for an opportunity and the drive to make it happen. Right now he is navigating the turbulent waters of Automation, surfing on different disciplines to participate in the invention of new paradigms. He has recently co-authored two papers for Springer on the subject.

    Patrice started his career in a start-up in the IT industry. He has been with Valeo for 23 years with various responsibilities in customer project management, generic R&D projects and worldwide advanced development tasks. He obtained his engineering degree from the Ecole Centrale de Lyon in France and from the Darmstadt Technical University in Germany. He also has an MSc in Management Sciences from the University of Manchester School of Management with a focus on International Marketing & Innovation Management.

  • Maëlle Pian Packaging Project Manager

    Maëlle Pian Packaging Project Manager

    With a degree from a food industry engineering school (Nancy) and a Masters of Sciences from Wageningen University (Netherlands), Maëlle has covered the whole chain of packaging development from the upstream phase, with 10 years at a European packaging supplier, to the downstream phase developing the distribution brand for Mouvement Leclerc, before joining the nucleus of product innovation with Laboratoires Expanscience.

  • Estelle Balut-Créac’h Marketing Director Dermo-Cosmetics, Mustela, Expanscience

    Estelle Balut-Créac’h Marketing Director Dermo-Cosmetics, Mustela, Expanscience

    A graduate of the Higher School of International Business, Estelle has spent her marketing career in the pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetic industry, first at ROCHE, then in the ALES (PHYTO & LIERAC) Group, and is now Director of MUSTELA World Operational Marketing at the Corporate Dermo-Cosmetic Department at Laboratoires Expanscience.

  • Michel Giannuzzi CEO, Tarkett

    Michel Giannuzzi CEO, Tarkett

    Michel Giannuzzi, graduate of Ecole Polytechnique and Harvard Business School, has spent his entire career in various industries, in France and abroad. From 1988 to 2001, he has held several positions within the tire Michelin Group (production, supply chain and CEO of Michelin Japan). From 2001 to 2006, he joined the automotive supplier Valeo Group as Vice-President and member of the Executive Committee managing different businesses. He joined Tarkett in 2007 as Chief Executive Officer and has rolled out a profitable and external growth strategy (19 acquisitions in 8 years) while developing a strong Sustainability commitment towards Circular Economy. In November 2013, he successfully led Tarkett’s IPO on Euronext Paris. Since October 2015, Michel Giannuzzi is an independent member of the Board of Directors of Sequana, a global leader in the paper industry.

  • Pierre Valade Co-fondateur et CEO, Sunrise

    Pierre Valade Co-fondateur et CEO, Sunrise

    Pierre Valade is the co-founder and CEO of Sunrise, the calendar application that has reinvented day-to-day time management. A graduate engineer from Ponts and former student on the ME310 program at d.school Paris, Pierre Valade was a designer at Foursquare when he began his adventure in entrepreneurship with his co-founder Jérémy Le Van in 2013. They devoted themselves to the task of revolutionizing online calendars, in the belief that productivity apps do not need to be boring. Success came quickly, and the app was noticed and then bought by Microsoft in 2015 for $100 million. Now a member of the Outlook mobile team, Pierre remains committed to the values that were behind the success of Sunrise: clever design and an impeccable user experience.

  • Randy Swearer Vice-President, Autodesk Education (San Francisco)

    Randy Swearer Vice-President, Autodesk Education (San Francisco)

    Randy Swearer is vice president of the Education Experiences group at Autodesk, a software firm that helps students and professionals to “imagine, design, create a better world.” The Education Experiences group works in close collaboration with universities all over the world, to encourage innovative uses of Autodesk software in classes, research, and student projects. Before joining Autodesk, Randy was Dean at Parsons The New School for Design, then vice president of the University of Philadelphia, with the ambitious project of overhauling the whole institution to offer a program entirely dedicated to design thinking. He was also co-founder of the Design Department at the university of Texas at Austin. Randy has international experience of leadership in higher education. He recently authored a book on innovation-linked leadership, where he describes the process and operational methods of transforming a university. He has a worldwide reputation as a speaker, supporting universities in transforming their teaching and organizations. Finally, Randy has a doctorate in anthropology and urban spaces from the union Institute and a MFA in design from Yale University.

  • Larry Leifer Instructor, Center for Design Research, Stanford University

    Larry Leifer Instructor, Center for Design Research, Stanford University

    Larry Leifer is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering in the School of Engineering at Stanford University. He joined the faculty in 1976 after serving as an assistant professor at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, and 4 years at the NASA Ames Research Center’s Human Information Processing laboratory. His education credentials include a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Science, Master’s degree in Product Design (art), and PhD in Biomedical Engineering (neurosciences). He has served as founding director of the Stanford Veterans Administration Rehabilitation Engineering R&D Center; Smart Product Design Lab; Center for Design Research (CDR); Stanford Learning Lab; and Hasso Plattner Design Thinking Research Program at Stanford.

    His teaching-laboratory is the graduate course ME310-Global, “Industry Project Based Engineering Design, Innovation, and Development.” Research themes include: 1) creating collaborative engineering design environments for distributed new product innovation teams; 2) instrumenting that environment for design knowledge capture, indexing, reuse, and performance assessment; and 3), design-for-sustainable-wellbeing. His top R&D priorities in the moment include, d.swiss, human-robot teamwork relationship design, and the notion of a pan-disciplinary PhD program in Design Thinking.

    His top honors include an honorary doctorate from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, SE; honorary fellow of the Design Society; and visiting Professor at the University of Tokyo, JP; Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, CH; and the Norwegian Institute of Systems Engineering, Kongsberg, NO.

  • Sean Corcorran General Manager, Steelcase Education (Grand Rapids, Michigan)

    Sean Corcorran General Manager, Steelcase Education (Grand Rapids, Michigan)

    Sean M. Corcorran is a business leader with more than twenty-five years’ experience in management, design, engineering, product development, and innovation consulting. He currently serves as General Manager of Steelcase Education in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he is responsible for all aspects of Steelcase global business serving higher education and K-12 customers.

    From 2008 to 2011, Sean was Director of Product Development and Marketing for Steelcase Education Solutions. In this role, Sean was responsible for research, product development, and marketing of Steelcase products for secondary and higher education, including the new node™ classroom seating line.

    From 2005 to 2008, Sean was Vice President of Product Development for Vecta and PolyVision. In these positions, he was responsible for research and development of new education solutions including visual collaboration technologies, interactive whiteboards, and furniture, for classrooms and other learning environments.

    Before joining PolyVision and Vecta, Sean spent 16 years at IDEO, the world’s premier design and innovation professional services firm based in Silicon Valley, CA where he led an interdisciplinary design and engineering studio in the development of furniture and technologies for education and business applications, consumer telecommunications products such as the ubiquitous VOIP phone from Cisco, medical devices, computer hardware, and household tools and appliances. Sean speaks widely on trends in education environments, design thinking, and innovation. He holds many patents, advisory board positions, as well as an engineering degree from UC Berkeley.

  • Matteo Vignoli Director, Food Innovation program, UniMoRe (Italy)

    Matteo Vignoli Director, Food Innovation program, UniMoRe (Italy)

    Matteo Vignoli is Assistant Professor in Design Thinking at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. He is director of the food innovation program and also the only Italian member of the Design Thinking SUGAR Network, an international network of universities with 40 years of experience in innovation through Design Thinking. He is a member of Ideasquare, the innovation platform based on Autodesk Education UniMoRe 17 Performance Learning Concepts – the CERN equivalent of design thinking. At present, he is involved in building the future of research in education and business focused around the application of Design Thinking. He speaks at different universities on Masters programs in Business Education. He also teaches on several Masters programs and in business schools. He has published more than 30 international articles, and has worked on innovation projects with numerous companies in Italy and abroad, especially in the agri-food sector.

  • Youenn Colin Executive Creative Director, IDEO Palo Alto (California)

    Youenn Colin Executive Creative Director, IDEO Palo Alto (California)

    Youenn heads the industrial design portfolio at IDEO Palo Alto in California. Over the last 5 years, he has worked with numerous clients, ranging from Fortune 500 firms to start-ups, designing elegant, striking, and innovative solutions. Youenn studied design at ENSCI in Paris, where he obtained a Masters in Industrial Design. Before settling in California, he worked for 5 years in France at Salomon/Adidas. In 2001, Youenn joined One & Co, a flourishing design studio in San Francisco that focuses its solutions on lifestyles through a wide range of industrial firms. He worked for more than 10 years for a variety of clients and businesses. Drawing on this experience, he worked with sports brands like K2 sports, Nike, Merrell, Pearl Izumi, and Incase. At the same time, he extended his sphere of expertise to mass-market electronics, applying his social and visual ideas to processes and projects for Microsoft, Dell, Kodak, Motorola, and HTC. His work has been spotlighted in international exhibitions and publications. He has received awards from the magazines ID, Business Week / IDEA, Good Design and Red Dot Design Awards.

  • Rod C. Taylor CEO, Performance Learning Concepts

    Rod C. Taylor CEO, Performance Learning Concepts

    Rod C. Taylor, Ph.D., is the President and CEO of Performance Learning Concepts. He is an award-winning educator, scholar, author, and professional musician who has been active in teaching, technology, and music for over twenty years. Through PLC, he offers energetic, interactive programs on leadership, team building, multimedia presentation, speaking, music, and the arts—all while actively engage participants in the learning process. PLC clients include major businesses like Nissan North American and Deloitte Global, as well as universities like Stanford and Colorado State University. From 2008-2013, Rod taught literature, rhetoric, multimodal composition, and presentation at Stanford University (where he also served as a faculty Resident Fellow) and Indiana University before that. He currently lives in Nashville, TN.

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