The objective of Paris is to introduce people to the potential of innovation through the culture of design thinking.. Engineers, architects, designers, urbanists, or students from any discipline, if you want to learn innovation by practicing it, this school is made for you!


What we do


At the, we offer students two types of design thinking programs: full-time or part-time. Each classe includes a concrete project to create value for an industrial, social or business partner by reinventing an experience for given users.

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As design thinking experts, the Paris train companies since 2013 to new methods: learn to be collaborative, to think user centric, to iterate, to be open-minded, to be creative and to prototype.

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Pour tous

Since 2016, a program with different sessions has been developed to dive into the design thinking culture, answer fondamental questions, experiment, interrogate yourself and understand how to apply it.

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Born from the idea to bring together a few innovation enthusiasts around design thinking, the D.EVENT is now a major design thinking event and a chance to be inspired by innovation specialists from around the world and meet talented entrepreneurs.

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Our culture: Design Thinking

Design thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation that draws from the designer’s toolkit to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success.”

Tim Brown, directeur général d’IDEO, HBR, 2009

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We innovated together...

« We joined the ME310 project because we found the design thinking approach to be highly interesting: to develop new and innovative solutions by exploring our clients needs. »

Jean-Sébastien Moinier, Business Unit Director, Floor in Motion - Tarkett

« I found the project really strong on an emotional level, and I wasn’t expecting it. Design thinking was a epiphany for me, and I am certain I will use it in my future projects? I had the chance to talk about it during an interview and I had a great response. »

Marion Tissandier,EIVP student, cours d.senior 2016

« Bosch Group is trying to enter the design thinking process and approach. This project shook us and brought this impulse to always meet with the user. »

Eric Dalla Vecchia, Bosch Engineering Director

« This experience made the entire Tarkett team grow, and not only the students. I feel that no matter your experience or age, we all grew through this project. »

Maryline Goulard, Marketing Manager, Tarkett FloorInMotion

« This year was rich in learnings: the design thinking allowed me to develop listening skills and empathy that will be crucial for my future as an entrepreneur. I can see the effects of design thinking in my everyday life! »

Gabrielle Sergent, engineering student ENPC and ME310

« In this course I had the opportunity to understand the value of the design thinking process: to go from the users to generate a project to answer their needs, to seize the things they don’t say and to give innovative solutions! »

Thomas Gandolphe, ENSAVT student, cours d.structure 2016

« An idea is never perfect! It is better to co-develop and refine an idea with quick iterations. Here is the interest of design thinking. »

Michel Giannuzi, CEO, Tarkett

« I am passionate with creation in every shape, to share it, to transmit knowledge. In that sense, to develop a project with the is an amazing adventure, that combines effective innovation technics with the collaboration of talented students. »

Isabelle Garric, Beverage Manager OOH, Nestlé Professional France

« We are very pleased by the finality of the project. The students brought to light problems that we never saw internally. Their freshness and innocence allow a new perspective on our company. »

Julien Moizard, Project Manager at Valeo