When we start telling people about our world, the first question is always: but what exactly is design thinking? Too often, I hear people who think they know reduce it drastically to three variables at best: it is creativity and prototyping, plus possibly the idea of multidisciplinary teams. It’s a bit like saying that France can be reduced to the beret and the baguette.  For me, design thinking is like another country’s culture. The richness of this world inspired me and continues to do so. I looked for its codes. I interpreted them. This book retraces my learning story: my research, my exploration, my prototypes, my experiments, my discoveries.

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This book tells the story of the development of a product in the ME310 Design Innovation program run by Paris. It describes how the design thinking approach was used to “reinvent the experience of seniors in their bathrooms”, for Lapeyre, a subsidiary of the Saint-Gobain group. We believe that the presentation of case studies is an effective way to disseminate and explain the design thinking approach. The solution developed is now in the stores, so we are in a position to understand all the stages of the development of a product from the initial brief right through to the market.

Through this book, you will discover all the stages in this journey of exploration, and gain a real understanding of what an innovation project is in design thinking, as well as being introduced to a number – though not all – of the tools associated with the method. This book is aimed at any innovator (student, professional, teacher) who is interested in understanding design thinking as a way of creating new, simple, fluid, and meaningful experiences.

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The world of design thinking requires the grasp of a vocabulary that is sometimes off-putting for beginners. Whether the words are French or English, the ideas contained in the terms deserve to be explained simply, in order to grasp the subtleties of the method. At Paris, we offer a real journey of exploration in the country of design thinking. Any innovator, however crazy or audacious, knows that meticulous preparation is a prerequisite for tackling the unforeseeable events that will inevitably punctuate their journey. That is why we have created this glossary of essential definitions for the discovery and understanding of the method. Without wishing to oversimplify, we wanted to make our world rapidly and practically accessible to everyone. The vague notions of “insight” will now hold no more secrets!

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Here is a public game that will help you understand our universe. With its 9 challenges based on the process of design thinking, every participant will be on board with our day-to-day practice and the mindset that arises from it. In the steps of the great explorers of Christopher Columbus’ era, join us for a maritime adventure in three key stages: inspiration, ideation, and implementation. Each team of players will have the opportunity to tackle the essential topics of design thinking, using the methods specific to its universe. From understanding the context to fast prototyping, from brainstorming to the test phase, this game will familiarize you, in just an hour or two, with the different techniques applied at the, so that you can then apply them in your own environment. On your marks, get set, go!

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