Permanent team

Meet the team !

Multidisciplinarity is a fundamental aspect of innovation through design thinking, and the membership of our permanent team reflects that! Engineers, architects, designers, and other fields of expertise, French or Colombian, experience living abroad or homegrown: with all their different profiles, each member of the team brings something distinctive to the Paris project.


    With 15 years of expertise in innovation and strategy, she has been developing her scientific and pedagogical skills in design thinking since 2006 (a stay at Stanford CDR, where she remains a “visiting scholar”, for 7 months full-time and 6 months part-time). In France, she was a pioneer in the design of eco-innovation training based on design thinking, developing a program for top executives at Thales (discovery trip and establishing 6 project teams tracked over 6 months) She was.

    She was academic director of the “Industrial Engineering” department at École des Ponts ParisTech and personally initiated courses such as Innovacteurs and ME310 at the School, in an international network of 9 universities encompassing 50 multidisciplinary teams.

    She created and developed the project as part of IDEFI (Innovative Education Excellence Initiatives), a call for projects by the Ministry of Education and Research within the framework of France’s grand emprunt big loan program. In March 2012, the project was awarded the label and a budget of €4.1 million to set up the future school.

    A pioneer in France, she is an expert in design thinking, having completed nearly 100 projects in a period of 8 years for some 30 companies. As a professor, she has written numerous books, including “101 landmarks for innovating through design thinking”.

  • CATHERINE BOURREAU general secretary - responsible for multimedia communication

    What she enjoys about working at the at École des Ponts, is the international dynamic of the school, where she is responsible for promoting the activities of the students and teachers with the different partners.

    She is currently responsible for the development of the project, in particular its communication activities, with a focus not only on education, but also the international reputation of the brand.

  • FLORENCE MATHIEU Responsible for seniors projects

    Florence is a graduate of Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées. After specializing in Industrial Engineering, and several jobs in big industrial groups, at Michelin in the United States, then at Suez Environnement in the Innovation Division, she took part in the ME310 program for Lapeyre, a subsidiary of Saint-Gobain. The team topic, “Reinventing the bathroom experience for seniors to enhance independent living” prompted her team to design and ergonomic and transgenerational item of bathroom furniture, which went on sale in 2015 in Lapeyre stores.

    Through this experience, Florence discovered the power of Design Thinking for the design of products and services for older people, a major priority of our ageing society.

    Today, she is responsible for seniors projects and, more generally, for Inclusive Design, at Paris. Having set up her own start-up Aïna, she now has the expertise to design products and services that enhance the day-to-day experience of older people from a humanist perspective. Florence has mentored numerous projects and students. With Véronique Hillen, she has just published “Design Thinking through Practice,” at Editions Eyrolles.

  • BENOIT CHRISTOPHE Project Manager

    In parallel to his work, he is interested in developing his expertise on older people’s issues, as a member of a multidisciplinary team involved in innovation competitions on this topic.

  • ALEJANDRA RAMIREZ computer graphic designer

    Alejandra is from Colombia, specifically Cali, where she specialised in brand graphic design. She enjoys experiences that include an anthropological dimension and working with people from different and varied backgrounds gives meaning to her life. She has already worked as a designer in the development of sales campaigns.
    She arrived in Paris in 2013 as part of ME310 at Paris-Est, where she joined the Thales team as a designer, working on the design of a video camera for firefighters.

    She then joined the, where she is developing skills in visual thinking and ethnographic research. She enjoys working with people from different backgrounds (countries, disciplines, skills, students or teachers,…).

  • ANDRES BEDOYA Project Leader

    After graduating in electronic engineering from University Pontificia Javeriana de Cali (Colombia), he came to Paris to join the ME310 program at Paris (2013-2014). In the course of that year, he worked on the self-driving car project with Valeo.

    During his studies, he developed a keen interest in social, political, and technological projects. After joining the ME310 program, he discovered the methodology of Design Thinking and the tools needed to apply and develop skills through innovation in the private and public sectors.

    After a year in Paris, Andrés had acquired expertise in innovation and is notably coach to the “Vamos Pambamarca” social enterprise project team in Ecuador. He also works on self-driving car projects and the issues of inculcating design thinking in companies, in particular through the introduction of innovation centers.

  • CAROLINE SPIRY Teaching and Administrative Assistant

    A lover of challenges and multidisciplinary approaches, Caroline joined Paris at École des Ponts in charge of pedagogical and administrative coordination.

  • HUBERT MICHAUDET chef de projet expert ville durable et bâtiments éco-responsables

    À partir de son expérience professionnelle et en s’appuyant sur la pédagogie du design thinking, la mission d’Hubert consiste à développer une expertise sur les conditions d’utilisation des bâtiments éco-responsables (tertiaire, commercial et résidentiel) permettant d’identifier et de quantifier les sources de dysfonctionnements à partir de la compréhension de l’expérience des utilisateurs.

    RICS, diplômé de l’ISG Paris, de l’ICH et de LSU, Hubert a collaboré avec de nombreuses directions immobilières de grandes entreprises depuis plus de 20 ans. Il a ainsi enrichit son expertise en faisant évoluer ses compétences du conseil en Facility Management et contrôle de gestion immobilier vers une prise en compte plus globale de la problématique immobilière en intégrant le pilotage des projets, la gestion, la valorisation et l’optimisation des actifs immobiliers dans le contexte du développement des bâtiments éco-responsables.

    Parallèlement, Hubert enseigne la gestion immobilière depuis 2004. Il a notamment participé à la création d’une filière des métiers de l’éco-construction et du développement durable à l’université de Versailles Saint-Quentin ainsi qu’à la mise en place du parcours Property Management – Gestion technique des bâtiments au sein de la LP TGI de l’université de Paris Ouest Nanterre.

    Maître de conférences à l’Ecole des PontsParisTech, Hubert est co-responsable du module Gestion d’entreprise.


    After graduating from École des Ponts ParisTech, Benjamin quickly found his place in the world of innovation, where he could combine his engineering and his artistic sides. After studying at a music school in Los Angeles, he took part in the ME310 program for Lapeyre, working on the design of a bathroom for seniors. His team designed a piece of bathroom furniture that has been on sale in Lapeyre stores since the beginning of 2015.

    Responsible for developing expertise on the user experience in eco-efficient buildings, he is convinced that design thinking’s user centered approach is the key to developing new, more desirable solutions, and therefore making ecological practices accessible to all.

    He works at the as a specialist and coach on IoT, digital and seniors projects, and as a freelance professional musician.