The d.talents fund

The purpose of this fund is to contribute to the development and influence of d.school Paris, particularly through the building of scale 1 experimental prototypes for backers of promising projects where there is no support structure. These prototypes are one of the ways of making effective use of space. d.school Paris needs to be a place that is always attractive, able to offer visitors an unforgettable experience and an ecosystem that promotes a spirit of innovation.

Its mission

The Board of Directors

How to support the Fund?

You can join the d.talents club as an individual or a company: by joining this new fund, you are not only performing an act of faith in its values and its mission, but also becoming part of one of the largest and most international design thinking communities.

You will be invited to all our events and will join the growing d.school Paris ecosystem, a unique gathering of all the stakeholders needed to promote the biggest innovations: students, teachers and researchers, companies of all sizes, public authorities. In order to bring the benefits of this ecosystem, d.school Paris offers a single place and time where ideas can be cross-fertilized through unexpected encounters and ambitious joint projects. By joining the d.talent club, you can enjoy the prospect of a new voyage of exploration to the country of design thinking: travel is always an opportunity for individual discovery and transformation.

icon-people-1AS AN INDIVIDUAL

Any individual can make a donation to the d.talents Fund. Donations are tax-deductible. You will receive an income tax reduction of 66% of the amount of your donation, up to a maximum 20% of taxable income. By way of example, a donation of €1000 will only cost you €340, whereas the Fund received the total sum. The Fund will provide you with a tax receipt.

icon-people-2AS A COMPANY

You will receive a corporation tax deduction of 60% up to a maximum of 5% of your company’s revenues (Article 238 bis of the General Tax Code). The Fund will provide you with a tax receipt.

Do you have a project in mind, linked with design thinking?

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